About Me

Challenges invigorate me, plants soothe me, cooking domesticates me, creating a new formula energizes me, sleeping repairs my body & praying repairs my soul.” © Janine Joi

I have _always_ been an outdoor girl instead of an indoor girl. I have been blessed with a green thumb and a deep love of the outdoors, plants and helping people. I’ve been growing, mowing, planting and harvesting, making and giving as long as I can remember. Well, that and shooting and fly fishing.

From 1981 until 1996, I worked in the corporate world, earned a Massage Therapist certificate, earned my Esthetician license, got an AA degree in business, sold at craft fairs in California, sold snacks I made in a health food store and raised my son. I actually started my business in 1991, but formed Blue Sage Naturals, LLC in 2003.

First, the body side: 

It began because I had tendonitis in my elbow and I had to figure out a way to make the alcohol muscle relaxant into an oil based product.  A man at church that couldn’t stand or sit for long periods due to a car accident, used it successfully: A woman I sold it to on the train to work used it, said it was better than Advil in taking away her headache. Then came other products people needed for various skin care problems.

In 2002 I brought the unheard of ‘sea buckthorn seed oil’ to the United States, also in 2002 I got rosacea. Twice. I got rid of it by making and using Relief N Rescue™ and Seabuckthorn Soap, both of which are best sellers. I use herbs because God put them here for a purpose and it’s always better to use natural than chemicals. I figured herbs could work just as well if not better than chemicals. Of course, being a woman, I was right! *wink* I also don’t use ‘just enough to get by’ like most companies, but I use more than enough to get the job done right and I try to make every product work for more than one issue.

From the beginning with RLX Massage oil to Seabuckthorn Shampoo that makes the appearance of hair to be shiny, thicker and seem to grow faster, that is the skin care side of things.

Now the Soul Side:

I’m an herbalist. I deal in plants and flowers all the time. I knew I felt better in the forest & in the garden than inside the house. I became a follower of Jesus in 1979. At that time, well-meaning Christians told me 'all that energy stuff is witchcraft'. Well, I sure didn't want to displease God! I mean, REALLY!! That’s not a good way to start off a relationship! So, I stopped doing those sorts of things. Frequencies, plants, rocks. I became firmly entrenched in the belief it was witchcraft. BUT GOD.

That nudge

That Nudge

I’ve collected rocks all my life. [nudge] I lived briefly in Medford Oregon and was rockhounding [nudge] on the perfect spot recommended by rockhound books [with owner permission]. I felt different. It seemed I could figure things out more, I was calmer, my thoughts weren’t so jumbled. But I didn’t give it a second thought other than 'it must be because I'm outside doing what I like'. Yeah, right. That helped, however...

Another nudge was moving to Phoenix, I went to Sedona a lot. What a TINGLING I got from running my hand over fluorite. [nudge]

I began exploring more about frequencies, vibrations, things like that, every now and then, but I would back off. Then God told me to ‘use and sell flower essences’.  So, after much discussion about how I really wasn’t the person to do this and didn't He KNOW this was witchcraft? [He just laughed. Remember in your negotiations, God NEVER loses], I asked, ‘why me’ and He said, ‘because it’s Mine and I want it back’. Soooo, that shut me up and I became obedient to this call. 

I have a book due out in 2017 regarding frequencies. What they are, are not & how to use them. There will be a workbook available off the website as well.  This book will clear up a lot of misconceptions about what this is. I will be carrying all types of vibrational healing here. From plants, rocks, colors, sounds. Stay tuned! [pun caught me! ]  



To stay connected with you and give you information, I have a newsletter, a blog, a facebook page and an instagram account, BlueSageNaturals. EMAIL as well of course. 

It is my honor to serve you with what I have. As a follower of Jesus, all the products are prayed over to do their intended work and to bless you. Thank you for coming to the site, I know you’ll find something that will bless your skin, your heart, your life. If I may pray for or with you, if you have a question, if I can help you in any way, please email or text [with your name] or call. Just don’t call before 9a, I’m not a morning girl anymore. :-)