About Me

Challenges invigorate me, plants soothe me, cooking domesticates me, creating a new formula energizes me, sleeping repairs my body & praying repairs my soul.” © Janine Joi

I have _always_ been an outdoor girl instead of an indoor girl. I have been blessed with a green thumb and a deep love of the outdoors, plants and helping people. I’ve been growing, mowing, planting and harvesting, making and giving as long as I can remember. Well, that and shooting and fly fishing and making soap. 

I am a licensed esthetician, I earned a Massage Certificate in California, and achieved an A.A. in business. 

In 2002 I brought the unheard of ‘sea buckthorn seed oil’ to the United States, also in 2002 I got rosacea. Twice. I got able to get rid of it by making a product and a soap for myself. I use things the good Lord put on this earth. Things snowballed from there. 

I'm a person who is interested in many things. When I was in the forest or at the ocean or in my garden, I knew I felt better. I became a follower of Jesus in 1979. At that time, well-meaning Christians told me 'all that energy stuff is witchcraft'. Well, I sure didn't want to displease God! I mean, REALLY!! That’s not a good way to start off a relationship! So, I stopped doing those sorts of things. Frequencies, plants, rocks. I became firmly entrenched in the belief it was witchcraft. BUT GOD.

That nudge

That Nudge

I’ve collected rocks all my life. [nudge] I lived briefly in Medford Oregon and was rockhounding [nudge] on the perfect spot recommended by rockhound books [with owner permission].  

Another nudge was moving to Phoenix, I went to Sedona a lot. What a TINGLING I got from running my hand over fluorite. [nudge]

Then God told me to ‘use and sell flower essences’.  I asked, ‘why me’ and He said, ‘because it’s Mine and I want it back’. Soooo, that shut me up and I became obedient to His call. 

I have a book due out in 2017 regarding frequencies. What they are, are not & how to use them. There will be a workbook in the book as well. This book will clear up a lot of misconceptions about what this is.  Stay tuned! 


To stay connected with you and give you information, I have a newsletter, an infrequent blog, a more frequent facebook page and soon, a facebook group. As well I have an instagram account, BlueSageNaturals. EMAIL too! 

It is my honor to serve you with what I have. As a follower of Jesus, all the products are prayed over to do their intended work and to bless you. Thank you for coming to the site, I know you’ll find something that will bless your skin, your heart, your life. If I may pray for or with you, if you have a question, if I can help you in any way, please email or text [with your name] or call. Just don’t call or text before 9a, Arizona time, I’m not a morning girl anymore. :-)