About Me

Challenges invigorate me, plants soothe me, cooking domesticates me, creating a new formula energizes me, sleeping repairs my body & praying repairs my soul.” © Janine Joi

Hi everyone. The above quotation is from a friend of mine. She used to own this business. I was the partner in this business for several years, making the soap, salves, shampoo, helping wherever needed.  When she decided to sell, I snapped up the opportunity.

This business needs someone just like Janine, but there's actually no way to fill her shoes. However I will be the best me I can be, helping you and continuing to make quality, herbal products with you and your skin, in mind. I will leave a portion of Janine's 'about me' here, as this is why this business began and still applies. 

"In 2002 I brought the unheard of ‘sea buckthorn seed oil’ to the United States, also in 2002 I got rosacea. Twice. I was able to get rid of it by making a Relief N Rescue™ and a soap for myself. I use things the good Lord put on this earth. Things snowballed from there. 

You won't find better products anywhere else. The reason why is because I don't put 'just enough' in, I put in the correct amounts. I don't live by the motto of only doing enough to get by. 

I have a book due out in 2018 titled "Demystifying Frequencies and Flower Essences". If you've ever wondered about them but thought it was hogwash, new age or witchcraft, THIS is the book you want to read. Stay tuned!"

Like Janine, I am a Veteran. [Navy]. It is my honor to serve you with what I have. Thank you for coming to the site, I know you’ll find something that will bless your skin, your heart and your life. If you have a question, if I can help you in any way, please email stephen at bluesagenaturals.com or call 480-788-4368 and leave a message. I will call back as soon as I can.