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Custom Perfumes and anointing oils by Janine Joi.  I have been crafting custom scents for spas, individuals, temples, therapeutic clinics, churches and skin care products since 1991. 

I have made this service available for you, the discerning person with a desire to have something exquisitely unique.

I am a born-again follower of Jesus. What does that mean in terms of a custom perfume blended just for you? There are no questionnaires to fill out, it’s not about what you currently like. It is a blend of essential oils given to me from my Higher Power. What, how much and the name of the blend comes from the Lord. The name often has particular meaning to the person.

This blend is created especially for you, it's prayed over and you are prayed for while creating it [or the designated person]. It’s never used or duplicated for anyone else. You receive a 2 dram bottle of pure, essential oils along with a 2 oz bottle of unscented lotion to add the oils too. You will also receive instructions on how to make your own powder and solid perfume. This way your whole person will be enveloped in your own signature scent. The initial cost to make the custom blend just for you is $300. 

I keep the formula on file and you are free to reorder either the blend with the pure oils - 1 dram - $95, or added to fractionated, non-staining, coconut oil - $55. 
The fractionated coconut oil is clear and does not impart color and never goes rancid.


    General Guidelines

    Read and follow all label cautions and warnings
    Keep out of reach of children and pets
    Do not use on babies, children or pets   
    Keep away from flame, heat and ignition sources (essential oils are flammable)   
    Do not apply undiluted** (neat) essential oils directly onto skin, dilute with a carrier oil 
    Always conduct a patch test of diluted essential oil on the inner arm before using; 
do not use if redness or irritation occurs   
    DO NOT INGEST essential oils   
     Keep essential oils out of eyes, ears, nose, mouth and any body opening   
     Essential oils are concentrated. There are few that can be applied directly to the skin without a dermal response.    
    If you have sensitive skin, epilepsy or any medical condition, do not use essential oils unless advised by your medical 
professional it is safe for you.

    In Case of an Accident   
    If essential oil gets into eyes: Immediately flush with cold milk or vegetable oil to dilute; if stinging persists, 
seek medical attention   

    If essential oil gets on hands: Use cream or vegetable oil to dilute; wash with soap and warm water; repeat if necessary   
    If ingested: Call National Capital Poison Control Center, 1-800-222-1222   
    If ingested by a pet: Call the Animal Poison Control Center at 1-888-426-4435; be prepared to pay with a credit card
   Prolonged exposure to essential oils can cause headaches, nausea and a general feeling of uneasiness;
    Ensure adequate ventilation, drink plenty of water and take frequent breaks 
Do not operate a motorized vehicle (or allow a client to do so) immediately following a relaxation treatment or after using soporific oils
If a given essential oil is used daily over two weeks, allow one week of rest before continuing use 
Vary oils to reduce the chance of acquiring a sensitivity reaction
Avoid sensitizing oils if hands become sore or cracked 
Inhaling steam with essential oils can trigger asthma attacks

HELICHRYSUM ITALICUM [immortelle] Wild harvested, essential oil, 5 ml only $65!!

This can be put directly on skin. But since a dilution works just as well, why not add one drop to 1 tsp of carrier oil?
Stories: A friend got stung by a baby scorpion on the back of her neck and finger. She put 3-5 drops on the stings every 15 min for 1.5 hrs, then every 30 min for 3 hrs. Poison control was on the phone with her. She had local swelling both places, but that’s it. No pain, numbness, tingling, vomiting, seizures. While it is said helichrysum is good for scars, Blue Sage Naturals Skn Savr™ is better, quicker and more cost effective. Helichrysum, said to be: Antiflammatory, cell and tissue rebuilding. Non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing. Do not take internally. Even diluted.