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Leek Elixir 1 oz - Leek straightens out the cross overs, things that shouldn't have been or have happened. It softens the heart, allowing it to be opened to get healing to the root of issues of past problems, hurts, things passed down from DNA.* 

Leek also straightens out the the 'crossed-wires' of things, like mixing our blood as kids, to be 'blood brothers' or 'blood sisters', or sexual liaisons outside of marriage.** Affairs of the heart. Leek begins the healing of the heart issues, past issues, things of the deep parts. Ever so gently and subtly.

I found Leek worked best as an elixir, blended with moringa and myrtle, so that is how it's offered here.

Myrtle soothes, releases love, gives a hug, says 'everything will be alright'. Does everything love should do. 

Moringa gives love, comfort, draws in to its' center of love like a warm blanket on a cold day. Does everything love should do. 

Myrtle and Moringa work exceedingly well together. 

*DNA - DNA is the carrier of genetic information. God's DNA is in us from the beginning of the world. As is the DNA of our ancestors. There is good and bad DNA. DNA has a memory and when it's triggered by something, it activates. There are layers of emotions and thoughts embedded in the DNA passed to us. The spark of life is God's DNA in us. Pile human DNA on top of that and you have humans. 
DNA can equal the spiritual side of things. Spiritual blessings and curses. The good ones we keep, the other ones we get rid of. To get rid of curses, they must be broken. 

Read more here: Breaking Curses

** Sex outside of marriage mixes any spirits inside us with the spirits inside the other person. For instance, if you are a happy person and have sex outside of marriage with someone who is sometimes depressed, that spirit will transfer to you. So if you were wondering, like I used too, why you're depressed, when that's not normally you, this may be a reason why.
This is why God says to have sex only inside your own marriage. 

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