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This essence softens the heart to be open to be healed of past problems and hurts, passed down through DNA and transferred through other ways. Crossovers. From things that shouldn’t have happened, things that shouldn’t have been done. It brings to mind there are issues in the past. Not all issues from our pasts need to be revealed, some things God just heals as we pray and cry. Crossovers will just letting us know there are things in the past that need healing. 

Crossovers like:
Affairs of the heart outside of marriage
Sex as a single person, where a transference of spirits happen
Sex with someone other than your spouse, where the same transference happens and there is additional guilt
Memories in our hearts that we have pushed down so as to not remember them; these are gently brought up enough to give us the opportunity to forgive those that have hurt us. Other feelings, like depression, hate, anger and, well, you get the idea 

Abuse of any kind
Becoming ‘blood brothers’, mixing your blood with anothers, whether as a kid or adult.
Things that got together and/or were put together that weren't supposed to be.  

This blend will soften the heart, bringing in newness of thought, newness of life, calming, bringing in love, soundness of mind, peace. It will begin healing of the deep places where some things don't need to be brought up to your memory, Holy Spirit will just heal those areas. It will help you understand what is holding you back, issues will begin to be dealt with gently, all done in love, with love, through love.  

This Harmony Unites Elixir contains leaves, twigs and flowers of:

Leek - separates, like a knife, the bad from the good. Gently cuts through the lies we are told or have told ourselves, so the truth can come up. 

Moringa - Infuses the soul with love, comfort, peace and calm. 

Myrtle - Wraps the soul up in a warm blanket, gives the 'mother hug' of telling us 'everything will be alright', soothes, releases love. 


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