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Dill works in the areas of being overwhelmed, where there is excess stimulation.
This is helpful for those who are hypersensitive to their environment and outer activity.
Helps one to absorb a wide variety of sensory experience.

Take it from me, if thousands of people with the attendant noise, like a tradeshow, being jostled and bumped and run over by carts and strollers, would put you in a bad mood and make you edgy, THIS is the flower essence for you. I know this because I started to use this 1.5 days before we left, not even 2 full days before attending a tradeshow with literally thousands of people. I remembered to take it in the morning and at nite while there. I sprayed it in my hair and in the air around me. 

The difference in me was flat out amazing. Even I saw it. Especially when someone ran over my feet with their stroller they're not supposed to have on the floor. Whereas before I would have gotten really angry, not this time. 

*light bulb* I think I'll start taking this before doctors appointments.  

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