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People are looking for and wanting to transition. SO MANY people have, for years, been seeing the number '11' on clocks and other places. The number 11 means 'transition'. 

This is the first step in getting to your transition. It is more than just essences. It also depends on your level of commitment to reading the Bible and sitting in His presence and listening to Him more than you talk to Him. 

Essences will definitely help you prepare yourself.  

Release Negativity: 1 Essence, 3 specifically colored cloths infused with prayer. 

Purple, yellow and green. You may also choose to have painted canvas[es] instead of the prayer cloths. The swatches are included with this offer, the paintings are separate. The paintings would be located in front of you during the day, on the wall at your desk area, in the kitchen, wherever you spend the biggest part of your day. 

This essence blend of Amethyst, Lemongrass, Moringa and Myrtle starts the process. As with everything that is a blend, the synergies work together to enhance one another to do more than a single unit. 

This blend releases negative energies, allowing the soul to prepare for what is coming. The blend brings up and helps one let go of negativity that perhaps has haunted you, you haven't been able to release. Situations from long ago or recent. This begins the cleansing process in a very gentle way.  

Amethyst, Lemongrass, Myrtle and Moringa in a blend that will begin the process of letting go, releasing negative energies, letting the soul know everything will be alright . 

HOW TO RELEASE negativity using this essence.:

4 drops 3-4 times a day is the 'norm'. To jump start, on the first one or two days, 4 drops 2 hours apart.  Put the swatches on the left side of the body, in the left pocket, left side of the bra, etc. Place on the left arm of your chair while watching t.v., place under your pillow at night. 

At different times during the day, specifically after using the essence, place the swatches in your left pocket and go outside. Open and close your hand[s] like a fist and shake off the energies. Do this as a conscious act. With intention. Do not do this inside as you do not want the negative energies inside your house. When outside, the atmosphere can absorb and disperse it. If you pray in tongues because you are a born again Christian, do so while you are intentionally releasing the energies from your hands. If not, just make a fist, open your hand[s] and shake it off. 

The colored fabric enhances the release of negative emotions. 

! oz dropper bottle, should last 37.5 days if taking 4 drops, 4 times a day. There are 600 drops in 1 oz. 

Please email if you need prayer and be on the lookout for my new book, Demystifying Frequencies and Flower Essences, due out in 2018. 

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