Take No Blame
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A while ago, I was led by Holy Spirit to take an combination of plants, Mr. Lincoln Red Rose, Leek, Moringa and Myrtle. I did. The revelations and healing I received through this combination was astounding.

I saw I had gotten lost. My values, self, boundaries, got pushed aside when I was around toxic people. 

I thought I wasn't measuring up. Because people blamed me for whatEVER and because I did not have the skills to deflect the blame, I took it. I allowed, unknowingly, the negative thoughts of blame and fault to insinuate themselves into my emotions, mind and life. They became who I thought I was. They became a part of my emotions and thinking. I had no clue this had happened. 

The end result is that I had misplaced self-values, boundaries and understanding of who I am. Yes, I needed to change, yes, my behavior and thinking needed to change in many of those areas, but I lost something in the process of allowing toxic people to remain in my life that made me question everything about me. Allowing people in my life and around me that didn't build me up, didn't respect me.

When I was around people that didn't encourage me, I kept thinking it was me, that I needed to change, to be a better person, more Christian. In thinking this way, in not seeing the truth of who I am, I lost me. 

Through this essence and prayer, God told me I needed to stop taking the blame from others. That it was them and not me. The Lord set me free from self blame and taking blame from others, by showing me, telling me, taking me back thru my childhood of when people blamed me of things that had nothing to do with me. As well as recent events of anger from others directed at me, when none of it was about me. He lead me through forgiving myself and forgiving them.

The Lord said some people take advantage of knowledge and use it as a weapon, blaming another for their own problems. Finding a weak spot or what they think is a weak spot and taking aim. 
He said that a lot of it, most of it, was on other people, it wasn't on me.

He said when arrows are slung at me, I don't have to take them. I should step back, even just lean back slightly - if I'm somewhere it would look odd to step back - and let them fly on by. Negativity is not mine to take. Correction, yes, discipline yes, but negativity, no. 

And it's not for you either. If you find that you are trying to come up from under layers of blame, put-downs, self-judgements, judgements of others, THIS is the essence for you. 

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