Tunnel of Hope Blend 1 oz

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Tunnel of Hope Blend

This is a super blend for those with a broken heart, who think there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Who feel their heart will be broken forever. This blend is what made me know without a shadow of a doubt flower essences work. 

Tunnel of Hope™ Blend allows a deep peace and calm to pervade any issues or situations in which there has been old or new shock, trauma, heartbreak, loss of hope. Using this blend will help you realize there is a light at the 
end of the tunnel, the broken heart won't last forever, thereby having hope. It also brings sense of what 'the little things' are, so they can be let go.  

Recovering from trauma, whether it's memories or issues or shock can take an hour, a day or even years. It takes support from people, church people, psychiatrists, friends, counselors, taking essences and eating healthy. Getting used to living normally again in trust and strength. Just know, it is possible to recover. 

Tunnel of Hope™ Blend  - photos coming

Fairy Duster - releases hope, showing the soul there is light at the end.

Zephyr Lily - brings peace, calm, allows a deep peace to pervade issues. 

Acacia blossom - healing the broken heart, takes away the constriction in the heart of feeling this broken heart will never mend. 

Thai Basil - brings newness of life and thoughts, aids in transitions. 

Myrtle - a mother's hug, knowing everything will be alright. Love. 

Moringa - love, peace, calm. 

One bottle is 600 drops. It should last 37.5 days if taking 4 drops 4x a day. Most essences are taken for 3 weeks to a month. 

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