SBT Hair Therapy™

SBT Hair Therapy™
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Don’t Despair About Your Hair!™Use Blue Sage Naturals Sea Buckthorn Hair Therapy for healthy, strong, UNfrizzy hair! Originally made for very curly, high breakage hair, this OIL conditioner makes the hair STRONG, elastic and encourages the appearance of growing hair. ALL hair types use Sea Buckthorn Hair Therapy™. Hair is moisturized, shiny and soft. Awesome as a pre-poo [before shampooing]. Deeply conditioning, SBT Hair Therapy™ de-frizzes, de-tangles.Apply to dry or wet hair, leaving on for 10 minutes to overnight or until the next time you wash your hair.  Vitamins A, C, E, amino acids and protein promote hair that is the healthiest you’ve ever had.Sea Buckthorn Hair Therapy™ is your choice for:

  • Sleek, smooth hair with renewed elasticity, helps stop breakage
  • Thin, Dull, Thick and/or Rebellious hair
  • Dry, damaged hair, very curly natural hair

BE CAREFUL in the shower, it WILL be slippery. This IS an oil conditioner. Use some cheap shampoo to wash oil out of hair, then use Blue Sage Naturals™ SeaBuckthorn Shampoo for final wash, following directions.

“Hello Janine  Just had to tell you how very SURPRISED I am with the results of having washed my hair 2 times with the SBT shampoo. It is the first time in at least 5 yrs. that I have been able to use a shampoo without horrible lesions breaking out on my scalp! I have nothing but soothing comfort to my poor scalp with your Sea Buckthorn Shampoo. My extremely curly locks are soft (instead of the usually frizzy ends) and so shiny. No sores, no intense itching, no horrible headache as with all other shampoos that I have tried.
Also NO having to run and try to neutralize and wash away one of the shampoos with a baking soda wash.


Thank you so much for this wonderful SBT Hair Therapy™. I used a little and left it in my hair a few hours before using your Seabuckthorn Shampoo and my hair looked really nice'. Blessings, Jewel Weber, Black, MO [+ countless other people tell me this but are too shy to have it in writing on the site]

“By the way — and you can quote me on this — since using your Sea Buckthorn Hair Therapy™, my hair has transformed, literally, overnight. If I don’t use some leave-in conditioning product, my head goes poofy and dry-looking. I hate it. The SBT Hair Therapy™ is the first in-shower hair oil that has eliminated that. I don’t wash it out — after I turn off the water, I just smooth it through and comb my hair and wrap it in a towel. When it dries, it’s someone else’s hair: Smooth, soft, shiny, manageable, and strong. And — I swear, I still don’t believe this — there. Are. NO. Split. Ends. ANYWHERE. I checked. I went through a whole section of my head. I have to tell you, Janine, I’m stunned. My hair feels extraordinary, and my hair hasn’t felt this smooth since before I hit puberty. My nails and cuticles have gotten better, too. Yay!” Joanna Paul, D.C.

“I’ve been using your sea buckthorn Hair Therapy™ and I must say this is the best my scalp and hair have been in years. My stylist tells me my hair is stronger and much more elastic. I can only attribute it to your sea buckthorn Hair Therapy™.
She also said areas of my head that were starting to show, now seem to have small hairs growing. Thank you Blue Sage Naturals. You do a great job. I’m glad I found you.” Wade Johnston, NM

Ingredients: Rice bran oil, organic virgin coconut oil, castor oil, horsetail extract, grapeseed oil, shea butter, certified organic moringa oil, certified organic sea buckthorn seed and berry oils, Vitamin E oil, lemon essential oil.


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