Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil 2 oz

Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil 2 oz
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Seed oil for light skin. Used on problem skin to help restore tone, balance, youthfulness. Berry oil used on dark skin. Berry oil is also used to stain furniture and leather purses. [Hey, customers write in!] 

It is all certified organic. I do not sell this oil for ingestion, per insurance regs. I ingest it because I AM in charge of MY health. Got it? Good, I'm so glad. :-) I’m not a doctor, I can’t advise, I can’t answer dr. type questions. I have yet to ‘meet’ a customer of mine who doesn’t think for themselves. So you do what you want with your health. Ok? ok. [mini rant, it's when people wanted instant fixes that medications came in to mask the symptoms, just sayin' ] 

Because the CO2 oil is so pure, it will bring whatever toxins or mites on your skin to the surface after about a week of continued usage. Your face will break out more, then eventually go away with continued use. Or, stop using for a 3-5 days after a week and start again. 

Seabuckthorn [SBT] Seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids [EFAs], astaxanthin, vitamins and minerals.Containing 106 bioactive elements, 14 fatty acids, of which almost 90% are unsaturated, Omegas 3, 6 [1:1 ratio], 7 and 9.

A few items SBT helps:

  • Heart
  • Skin
  • Stomach [acid stomach]
  • IS AN:
  • Antioxidant, Anti-fungal, Skin cell regenerator, Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-radiation (protects white blood cells), Anti-constipation, Promotes circulation
  • Reduces fat in the blood [ not on your body], Maintains healthy cholesterol levels
  • Reduces fine lines, tones, balances skin
  • Feeds skin nutrients and nourishment

THE PERFECT Oil for all your needs. Except it doesn’t do the dishes or take out the trash.
To preserve freshness Sea Buckthorn oils need to be kept cold, your refrigerator is great. The seabuckthorn berry [ sea buckthorn pulp] oil may get thick when cold. We use PET plastic to transport the oils. Lighter weight, food grade, unbreakable. You may transfer to glass if you want too. Even though it is CO2 extracted it is NOT an essential oil. Run away from anyone who says it is. Also run away from any website that says they have seed oil that is expeller pressed. There is no such thing for the seeds of this berry. 

CO2 extraction means purity. This is the seed or berry in optimum form. Batch colors and aromas depend on what trees were used, when they were harvested & other such factors.

How do you know our oils are the purest you can use? How do you know this site is not just a bunch of hype? By trust, by using & comparing Blue Sage Naturals’ products to those of others. Read the site. If you think you can’t trust us, don’t buy from us. If you think you can trust us, then join thousands of others using our products with confidence and success!

According to my research:
It’s best to ingest 10-15 minutes before eating, enhances the absorption
A blend of both oils is the best for ingestion.

I have received many emails & calls from new customers telling me the Sea Buckthorn oils they have purchased elsewhere smells/tastes like olive or coconut oil. Or they are very thin, or not as dark as mine. From Canada to Russia to China to Lithuania.
You can find these oils for more money and less money, but not certified organic and definitely not the same quality.

  • SBT BERRY oil can only be used in minute amounts in external products. I have photos, have to get them up on this cart. All products you see that are only berry oil, are highly diluted with other oils and must be washed off – UNLESS you have dark skin or are using it as a stain. [think furniture or leather purses] 
  • Sea Buckthorn seed oil is light, non-staining & readily absorbed into the skin, can be used under make-up & is non-greasy, penetrates very well.
  • Sea Buckthorn seed oil is a dry oil. It’s thick but not as thick as jojoba.
  • Clinical studies have shown Sea Buckthorn seed oil to heal many ailments. Stomatitis, ulcers, rosacea, eczema, vaginitis and more. [monograph ‘Lipophilic Components of Sea Buckthorn [Seabuckthorn] Seeds and Berries and Physiological Effects of Sea Buckthorn [Seabuckthorn] Oils’ Yang Baoru, 1999, ISBN 951-29-2221-5]
  • Sea Buckthorn oils absorb UV rays

There is absolutely no stinging or skin irritation, this is a fixed oil, a vegetable oil, not an essential oil. Ah, but it does sting somewhat when I put it in my eyes [for healing]. January 2016: I’m using it for doctor certified dry eye spots. It stings at first, for about 1.5 minutes, however it takes the pain and dryness away for hours. Feb 2016 update: my eyes aren’t watering anymore and there is no pain. Now remember, *I* am in charge of MY health, the MOTHER"S CAVEAT - "don’t do as I do, do what I say". Now go forth and follow your heart to take care of you. 


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