Seabuckthorn Berry Oil 1 kilogram 35 oz

Seabuckthorn Berry Oil 1 kilogram 35 oz
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I DO NOT SELL THIS OIL FOR INGESTION. I ingest it every evening and morning with results I'm not allowed to say here. But I am in charge of my health!

FYI, there is NO SUCH THING as 'cold pressed sea buckthorn SEED oil' You can go on amazon and see what others say about sea buckthorn oil and come back here and buy the best, CO2, certified organic. Apparently you can say what you want on Amazon. 

To preserve freshness Sea Buckthorn oils need to be kept cold, your refrigerator is great. The seabuckthorn berry aka sea buckthorn pulp- oil may get thick when cold. We use PET plastic to transport the oils. Lighter weight, food grade, unbreakable. You may transfer to glass if you want too. Even though it is CO2 extracted it is NOT an essential oil. Run away from anyone who says it is.

How do you know our oils are the purest you can use? How do you know this site is not just a bunch of hype? By trust, by using & comparing Blue Sage Naturals’ products to those of others. Read the site. If you think you can’t trust me, don't buy from me. If you think you can trust me, then join thousands of others using my products with confidence and success!

  • SBT BERRY oil can only be used in minute amounts in external products. All products you see that are only berry oil, are highly diluted with other oils and must be washed off – UNLESS you have dark skin or are using it as a stain. [think furniture or leather purses] 
  • Sea Buckthorn seed oil is light, non-staining & readily absorbed into the skin, can be used under make-up & is non-greasy, penetrates very well. 
  • Sea Buckthorn seed oil is a dry oil. It’s thick but not as thick as jojoba.

There is absolutely no stinging or skin irritation, this is a fixed oil, a vegetable oil, not an essential oil. Go forth and follow your heart to take care of you. 

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