Relief N Rescue™

Relief N Rescue™
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1 oz Only $20? I know right? For a product that will make your face not red anymore? It evens out skin tone, keeps blackheads at bay and deals with bumps, pustules, flakiness and it’s only $20?
Yes, seriously. I believe it’s better to help a lot of people instead of a few that could afford a higher price tag. 

Relief N Rescue™ the only all herbal product helps unify skin tone, works against inflammation and reinforces skin's natural protection. that deals with skin that is flaky, red, bumpy, blotchy and just looks a mess. This herbal product helps unify skin tone, reducing the appearance of pore size, reduces the appearance of redness and reinforces skin’s natural protection. Get the red off™, be happy and have your photos taken! Stop being embarrassed when you go out!

It will NOT stain your skin. [Bleach or a derivative gets it out of your clothes]

Dr. Deborah Michael, Phoenix, Az used Relief N Rescue™ on her child and husband and upon seeing the results gave samples to clients.

People are telling us they use Relief N Rescue™ on all sorts of things I’m not allowed to post on this website. All without steroids! Appropriate for all ages. Sea buckthorn kills the demodex mite, cleans out hair follicles.

“Your products are absolutely outstanding. I’ve used Dr. Perricone in the past, but his products are SO expensive and this year I’m going wholistic. I found your products and now I’ll put money in the bank. I use the Signature Face Serum and it’s just wonderful. It helps with the crows feet around my eyes, just smoothes my skin. And the Relief N Rescue™, I had blackheads on my nose and cheeks. This just seems to draw them out. I love this product. I let everyone know about your fabulous products”. Laura Speed, New York

“I’m writing to share that I love your Relief N Rescue! Into my late 20’s, I developed mild-moderate cystic acne and have tried dozens of products, chemical based and “natural”. Although some of them did help, most of them caused my skin to become dry and irritated (even with moisturizer) and eventually caused more skin problems. I’ve been using Relief N Rescue now for about a year and I’ve noticed wonderful things: no redness, very few zits (and the ones I do have are not all that visable), more color to my skin, and it just feels better. I really do love this product. Thank you for creating such a great, clean product.” Linee Scerra

“I have had psoriasis for three years and have spent over $2,000 on dermatologists, their tests and prescriptions. I have tried every cream I could find in the health food stores. Relief N Rescue™ has been the first product that has given me my face back. I’m not cured, but I can go out in public without make-up and not be afraid of people saying something to me about my skin. Just as important, it is natural and good for you (no side effects). Thank you for making such a wonderful product!” Alexandra Fiore

From the ‘Rosacea Support’ yahoo list, Karen in Orlando says:

“Speaking of effective treatments, I just started using Relief N Rescue™ by Blue Sage Naturals, and it is phenomenal! It is the most effective skin softener/moisturizer I have ever used. Whoever mentioned it a few weeks ago – thank you”!

“Just wanted to let you know, I originally bought your RnR for my son, but ended up using it for my daughter. She has a weird red/scaly patch that appears on the side of her mouth sometimes and nothing I tried would get rid of it. I had the RnR so I started using it on there twice a day and it totally worked! If I even see it starting to come back I just have her put it on a few times and it clears it right up. Thanks!!!” Shannon Smith

Eczema [atopic dermatitis] is considered to be an external manifestation of allergies. [depending on whom you talk too]

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