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Absorb-Cal™ This is a pre-biotic. This is clinically and scientifically proven to increase calcium absorption in the bones. Post menopausal women and men should take 10 grams per day. That amount has to be worked up too, to avoid gas and bloating from fiber. Teen-agers and younger should take 8g per day.  

This can be used in drinks, sprinkled on food, etc. Because it is not alive, like bacteria in probiotics, heat, stomach acid and shelf life won't affect it. 

I was using just collagen in my coffee for several months. My nails were better but not great. After taking Absorb-Cal™ daily, 10g, for just one month, there was a noticeable improvement. Nail were stronger, no peeling. I am sure my bones are stronger as well. My colon is healthier, evacuation is regular and softer. 

Higher intakes of dietary fiber are linked to less cardiovascular disease and fiber plays a role in gut health 

While probiotics have been shown effective in managing certain gastrointestinal conditions, they do not have the same power that prebiotics do.

Probiotics are fragile; heat and stomach acid can kill them before they've even been digested, making them ineffective. Since each body is different, we don't know which of the 'good' bacteria our individual body will benefit from and we’re also hoping the ones that make it past the heat and acid of our stomach will actually go on to provide some health benefits to our system.

Prebiotics are specialized plant fibers that beneficially nourish the good bacteria already in the large bowel or colon. While probiotics 'introduce' good bacteria into the gut, prebiotics act as a fertilizer for the good bacteria that’s already there. They help our good bacteria grow, improving the good-to-bad bacteria ratio. This ratio has been shown to have a direct correlation to your health and overall wellbeing, from your stomach to your brain.

The body itself does not digest these prebiotics, instead, it uses these fibers to promote the growth of many of the good bacteria in the gut. These, in turn, provide many digestive and general health benefits. Recent studies have also shown prebiotics and good bacterial gut balance play a direct role in mental health. People who consume prebiotics on a daily basis have fewer issues with anxiety, depression, and stress. 

Prebiotic powders are not affected by heat or refrigeration or time, probiotics have to be kept cold, have a shelf life and have to be kept alive. 

Science has proven the health benefits of prebiotics include increased bone density, strengthened immune system, better-controlled weight and appetite, and improved bowel regularity. A healthy gut is a healthy immune system and mental health system. 

Absorb-Cal™ is the only prebiotic on the market that contains both long and short-chain inulin and oligofructose. Proven to increase calcium absorption in the bones: Proven to promote digestive health and lower blood glucose rise. Helps with weight-loss due to the fiber content, making us feel fuller, longer. When adding Absorb-Cal™ to the daily diet, it's been shown to help us reduce our food intake over time, thereby reducing weight gain. 

If you prefer it already mixed with a flavoring for coffee, tea, smoothies or whatever you concoct, you may find Healthy Sweet™ flavors more to your liking.  This is a combination of Absorb-Cal™, Trehalose and natural flavors.  

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