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Healthy Sweet™, Good for body and soul

BOTTOM LINE: A sweetener that's good for you, does not raise blood glucose levels, therefore is safe for diabetics, measures almost 1:1 with sugar. Tastes vary, add a little more at first to get to where you want the sweetness to be. Baking, add approximately 1/3 more than sugar in recipes. 

It is a non-reducing sugar, meaning it will not turn things brown, will not carmelize.

This has the only Monk Fruit that has no bitter aftertaste. Yes, seriously. 

Healthy Sweet™ is the only sweetener you will use for the rest of your life once you taste it. 

37.8 calories in one ounce, that's 6.3 calories per teaspoon or 1.33 calories per gram

How is it good for your soul? You know you are not adding weight to your bod, and in fact, helping your body take better care of itself.
You know you are doing something good for yourself and taking care of yourself. This makes you feel good.
It does ME! You can't be much different!

Now, more details for those that like them:

Trehalose, a 3 calorie per gram, disaccharide, labeled as a sugar, but does not act in the body like a sugar. It is 45% the sweeteness of sugar. It does not readily absorb water and almost everyone has the enzyme to break it down in the body. 

The Trehalose properties do not stimulate rapid increases in blood glucose and excessive secretion of insulin and Gastric inhibitory polypeptide [GIP] promoting fat accumulation. To get really indepth information, go to the link below. You WILL be amazed. 

Different studies have shown that trehalose intake prevented:
Adipocyte hypertrophy [it's how we get fat. cell numbers increase to hold the excess energy and cell size increases to hold the fat. ]
Mitigated insulin resistance [makes less severe the insulin resistance] in mice fed a high-fat diet.
It has been reported that trehalose has various biological effects such as suppression of bone resorption [means it keeps the calcium in the bones instead of allowing it to go into the blood]
Inflammatory response
Induction of autophagy [It maintains homeostasis or normal functioning by protein degradation and turnover of the destroyed cell organelles for new cell formation. It's a GOOD thing!]
Alleviation of Huntington’s disease [helps to make problem less severe]

On nutrition labels, the FDA requires that all disaccharides be labeled as sugars despite the different ways that the disaccharides function.

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