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This is Monk Fruit Powder. Far superior to ANY other monk fruit you have tried. Why? Because there is very little aftertaste, because it's dried in the shade and processed with pure, filtered mountain spring water.  

There is monk fruit and there is monk fruit. There are different ways to process monk fruit. After much testing of samples, we have found the best one there is, with little to no aftertaste. There are companies that process it without taking care in how they do it. This monk fruit is dried in the shade, washed in pure, mountain spring filtered water and processed very minimally. This retains the flavors and sweetness. 

100% water soluble, 0 calories, 0 carbs, 0 fat. No bitter aftertaste. [not to this taster anyway and I'm like the Princess and the Pea when it comes to tastes, smells and shoes]

100% pure Luo Han Guo Monk Fruit. No added ingredients. Blue Sage Naturals' All Natural Luo Han Guo Monk Fruit Sweetener is about 250 times sweeter than sugar. It is great for making all natural sweetener blends, syrups, liquids or to use in baking, recipes or drinks.

It is available to you in its' pure form here, as a part of a new sweetener in Sweet Sheryl™ and in Joyfully Sweet™.  The taste is smooth, sweet, mellow. It's a light yellowish-beige in color and is a very fine powder. Be careful when you open it. 

It's heat stable, 100% water soluble. 

If you have sensitive taste buds to aftertastes, this is the Monk Fruit you want to buy. 

The usage rate is extremely low. Great for making your own blends, or on its own. A little goes a very long way. Use in .1 [that's 1/10th] to 1 gram increments until you get your desired sweetness. Packaged in a stand up pouch.  

113.4 grams or 4 oz

[feel free to compare prices on amazon with mine. as well as tastes. I'm offering 1 whole oz, not a portion of an ounce]

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