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Sweet Sheryl the healthiest, best tasting, no aftertaste sweetener available to woman and mankind. 

Made of 2 natural sweeteners and one sugar alcohol, this stuff is actually good and your waistline. 

Monk Fruit - blended and processed especially for Blue Sage Naturals. The taste is nothing like you've tried anywhere else. There's NO aftertaste and it's 150-200 times the sweetness of sucrose [table sugar]. Because of the way the processor processes this monk fruit, there is such a slight aftertaste you hardly notice. Do you know sugar has a slightly bitter aftertaste?

If you have tried any of the monk fruit in the stores or from Amazon, you will think all monk fruit has that icky aftertaste. But it does not. Again, [as with the sea buckthorn seed oil that I brought to the United States], I am the first to have a monk fruit that doesn't have that nasty aftertaste, is super sweet and smooth. Because it is specially processed it is extremely expensive.  

Erythritol - a sugar alcohol. Harmless, zero calories, sweet. Has a cooling sensation in most products, not in Sweet Sheryl™ due to the other ingredients. Some people can't tolerate erythritol. For those folks, I have Sweet Joi™. 

Trehalose - my current love affair. Protects cells from breaking down during freezing and heating. Fresh strawberries kept over 10 days when rolled in trehalose whole and put in the fridge. They looked brand new, although wet. No soft spots, no mushiness.

Trehalose helps with cognitive issues, it has been shown to slow down protein clumping, which is the main culprit in Huntington's Disease and Parkinson's. Research shows it helps to build strong bones. It prevents cells from dehydrating. It's not so much a humectant as it is a prevention. When brine shrimp or plants die in the summer yet come back after a rain, it's due to the trehalose in the cells of the bodies that protects them from what looks like death. 

It protects cells on the surface of our skin from drying out, it acts as a barrier.  As soon as I can I will get the several page doc up I have written on trehalose. 

This sweetener is great to cook with. I use less than the recipe calls for and it's plenty sweet. Instead of a cup, I'll use .5 to .75 cup. In 12 oz of coffee, I use 1.5 dessert spoons. Same as I would with regular sugar. Try it out! 


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